Verizon bringing more 4G LTE goodness to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

Verizon will be lighting up a few more cities with LTE in the coming months and rightfully so, considering all the new LTE enabled devices coming out. While they’ve managed to drag their feet with the Galaxy Nexus release, they’ve certainly been cranking out the LTE. I know a ton of you can’t wait to start experiencing the blazing speeds of LTE and keep feeling heartbreak whenever your city doesn’t make the cut so I’ll try to peel the band-aid off of this one quick.    Read More »


Microsoft Wants To Add Huawei To Android Licensed OEMs

HTC, Samsung, Quanta, and Compal: what do these have in common once you drop in the Microsoft name? They all pay licensing fees for Android to Redmond and it looks like Huawei will join the party soon! Victor Xu, chief marketing officer for Huawei, a Chinese telecoms giant manufacturing smartphones, among others, has recently admitted that “negotiations are in progress” with Microsoft in order to license certain intellectual properties used and infringed upon in Huawei Android-powered hardware. “We always respect the intellectual property of companies. read more

Does Your Smartphone Have an Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich Port?

While we’re all waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to be released to the AOSP, the is another way that we can get ICS on our phones: ports from the ICS SDK. In most cases the result is closer to something you’d expect from “Dr. Frankenstein” than a “plastic surgeon” in terms of elegance and full-functionality, but being able to run ICS on your own phone before it’s available to anyone else can be too hard to pass up! Since the SDK was released, here are some of the more noteworthy phones that have gotten the new read more

Gingerbread for the Sprint Epic 4G begins rolling out tomorrow (Nov. 9)

Gingerbread Epic 4G

We just heard from a Sprint ninja that Gingerbread for the Samsung Epic 4G should begin a slow rollout tomorrow (Nov 9).  The initial plan is to get it out to three percent of the users the first day, which should avoid any huge fiasco like we saw with the Froyo update.  The update will continue to slowly roll out over the following eight days, until it gets to 100 percent of the users.

As we already saw the EI22 kernel source released, it makes sense that its the version we’ll be seeing.  read more

Could The Galaxy Nexus Come To US Cellular’s Future LTE Network?


Let’s say that US Cellular‘s lower-end smartphone offerings aren’t to your liking. Considering the carrier’s recently-shared plans for the start of its LTE network in early 2012, maybe you’re thinking about the possibilities for getting some top-tier hardware to really take advantage of LTE speeds. It turns out you might get exactly that, if today’s rumor plays-out. It’s hard from definitive proof, but a leaked LTE training screenshot from US Cellular has some people thinking the carrier could be landing Samsung‘s Galaxy Nexus. None of the 4G LTE  read more