Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Speeds Onto Android – Take Down The Competition As Cop Or Racer

For all you fast-and-furious Android gamers out there, you may be pleased to know that EA has just released Need for Speed Hot Pursuit onto the Android Market. NFSHP gives you the choice of either playing as the racer escaping from the law, using oil slicks and overdrive to your advantage — or the po-po as you attempt to take-down law-breakers using spike strips and roadblocks to dramatic racing fashion.

Hot Pursuit is a fun arcade racer taking advantage of your Android devices gyro-sensor for full tilt controls. If you’re an arcade racing fan, I don’t think I need to tell you that there’s nothing but fun to be had here. Need for Speed is one of EA’s great franchises and they pulled out all the stops for this iteration.

With over 20 cars to choose from, 24 (day and night) tracks, the real question is whether you will throw down $7 for your taste of action-racing bliss. You can find Need for Speed Hot Pursuit right now in the Android Market.

[Market Link]



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